Is Black Mold Really Dangerous?

Sep 16

Damage Control 911 - mold growing on sheetrockIf you are a home owner then you most certainly know the numerous duties you have that keep your home running. Constant maintenance is just a reality of keeping a home and one of the most important duties you have that is often underplayed is ensuring that your home is black mold free. Black mold is often thought of as nothing more than a nasty inconvenience.

It is thought of as something that can be cleaned up and gotten rid of quickly and is ultimately not a big deal. Here are some reasons why that line of thinking is wrong and why you should get rid it the minute you find it.

Black mold is a very corrosive substance that is capable of growing at a rapid pace. Within twenty four hours you can go from having a small patch of mold on a carpet to a full blown mold infestation. This is not a fluke occurrence or just a possibility, this is a reality that many home owners have had to face without any kind of warning or preparation.

Because of its corrosive qualities mold can eat away at almost any substance it latches onto, especially fabric and wood. This can seriously damage the wooden foundation of your home causing its structural integrity to be highly questionable, if not non-existent.

This is why if you see any mold in your basement (should you own a home with a basement) on any part of the wooden foundation you should call in Orlando abatement services as soon as you can so that they can come in and take care of it. This can save your home from some serious damages.

Another way that mold is highly dangerous involves you and your love ones’ health. Mold is able to spread by sending out microscopic spores which latch onto any surface that is moist. Because they fly through the air and are so microscopic the spores make their way into the ventilation system of your home and can be inhaled quite easily.

When this happens the spores latch onto your lungs and any other organ they come into contact with. When this happens you can become incredibly sick.

The most common form of sickness that comes about from mold exposure is respiratory in nature but it is possible to develop even more serious forms of sickness. There have even been people who have died as a result of a minimal amount of mold exposure. This is why it is incredibly important that you call in a water damage expert who specializes in mold. They will come to your home and perform a full inspection to see if there is any mold in your house.

One of the most important tests that they will run will involve checking the air in your home for any traces of mold. This means that they can not only prevent further mold growth, they can prevent you from inhaling any further mold spores which could have compromised your health.

They will work throughout your home and ensure that the mold is eradicated in a timely and efficient manner. It may take a few days before the mold is completely gone but it is a worthwhile process to go through.

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